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Anything That Makes You Smile

Flower Dew Drops
Photo taken by me, Cheryl Larkin

I was talking with my daughter the other day and she was telling me a story that ended with her saying, I know that is completely irrelevant, but she said it with a smile. So I replied:

“Anything that makes you smile is not irrelevant.”

A simple statement that I then tweeted and it has been my most retweeted and favortied tweet. It is interesting to me how something that just flowed so easily from my mouth has touched so many other people. I love it.

The photo in this post makes me smile. I was at my parents watering and I just loved the way the drops of water looked on the flowers so I grabbed my camera and started taking shots. That moment made me smile and now when I see the photo I smile all over again.

It is generally the little things, the words said without thinking, the accidental happenings that make me smile the most. Even when things are crazy and stressful something as simple as dew drops on a flower can take me away for moment and fill my heart with joy and make me smile.

I live for those moments. Those magical moments when the world around you seems to disappear and you are completely focused on and present in that moment. I treasure those moments every chance I get.

I have noticed that the more I notice those moments, the more frequently they arrive. There is so much magic around us even in places you might not think of. We just need to be aware of it. I am grateful that I am living those moments more often now.

SO keep your eyes and your heart open and allow those moments to take you away and fill you with joy and make you smile.

Anything that makes you smile….

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