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Fighting The Instant Gratification Need

Sculpture Of Wine Glass
Photo I Took Of A Sculpture I Made

I have been filled with more ambition and drive lately to really get things going with selling my art and offering Energy Healing Services. I have loved this feeling but I am certainly fighting the Instant Gratification Need.

I ordered business cards and now a week later am getting impatient because they have not arrived yet.

I just attended an online seminar to help learn how to really use Pinterest to build a business and already I am a bit disappointed because the seminar really opened my eyes to the fact that buiding a business and buliding a brand takes time.

Realistically I already knew that but once I jump into something I want to see results yesterday. Unrealistic, I know, but my dreams seem to run at a mush faster pace than reality.

I am so grateful that I have been filled with this drive to take the steps I need and I know I will take them even though the steps move slower than I would like.

It is like that scene in When Harry Met Sally where Harry realized he is in love with Sally and he runs across town to the party she is at and he tells her, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start immediately”.

That is me right now. I am Harry and I have finally admitted and embraced what I want and now I am running across town so the rest of my life can start immediately.

I know that as soon as I accepted and embraced my dreams that the rest of my life began right then and there but there is still that part of me that wants immediate and tangible results. I suppose this will be an issue I will continute to deal with, but I will do so with gratitude.

In the last week since I jumped in, in additon to the business cards and seminar, I have also begun sharing my art on facebook. I have never done this before because I wanted to keep things seperate. What I have realized is that my art and my energy healing and my love of crystals is part of me and I am no longer going to keep any part of me seperate.

I have also done more painting, and spent time promoting my ETSY store. I have started putting feelers out to try to find a place to offer healing services. I have startd proudly calliing myself an Energy Artist. I even wrote a couple of articles about my art on Bubblews.

I may not be having the results that my heart is reaching for right now, but I have taken big steps in the past week to start living the life I want and doing what I love doing.

I will continue to remind myself that each time that instant gratification need tries to push its way in. I know soon enough I will laugh at how quckly it all came together once I accepted and embrace it all.

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