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A Magical Morning

Magical Light
Photo By Cheryl Larkin

This morning I had a very magical walk. I went about a hour earlier than usual becuase my neice was not coming with me so I didn’t need to wait until after taking her son to school. I simply took my daughter and headed off to do my walk alone.

It was cold, at least for me, I could see my breath and my face and my ears were getting that stinging feeling. There was hardly anyone around, 2 other cars at the parking lot and then I was a mile and a half into my walk before I saw another person.

However, shortly into my walk I did get a visitor in the form of a beautiful, adorable, precious large Bobcat. I was enjoying the quiet when I heard chain link ratte. I looked to my right and saw the chainlink fence that seperated some sort of proerty from the walking trail jiggling. Then I saw a grayish/brown movement behind a tree that was about 4 feet in front of me to my right.

Then in a split second, he was there right on the walking path. We both stopped and just stared at each other. He had breakfast in his mouth, I am guessing a chicken from the property he had just vacated by jumping over the 8 foot tall chainlink fence.

I just stood there looking deep into his eyes and he just stared back. It was like he was trying to decide if I was a threat to him or not. It was a very long 10 seconds and for me a very magical 10 seconds. I am a HUGE cat lover so being this close to a large wild cat was an amazing experience.

With a twinkle in his eye, that I might have imagined, he simply tunred his head and went on his away across the walking path and down in the Rillito River. 44 years I have lived by that river and this is the first time I have ever seen a bobcat in the wild, and to see him so close, what a feeling. I had no fear, just love and admiration for this spectacular creature.

I continued on my walk with wonderful feelings running through me and wondering what a wild cat crossing your path means in spiritual terms. I got to the Sun Dial which is my turn around point, sat and did my prayers and then headed back the direction I came.

At this time the sun was shining so bright but low in the sky. The picture in this post is one I took at that moment and the picutre does not come close to doing justice to what a beautiful sight it really was. I could not see 2 feet infront of me because of the blinding powerful light.

I decided that it was perfect and just walked blindly forward toward the light. This was a very spiritual moment for me. I could see nothing but warming and loving bright light, but I just marched on, trusting that I would be guided on the path.

As I walked, and the sun rose higher my vision got better and by the time I was back at the place where the Bobcat had crossed my path, I could see just fine. It was a good thing too, because I was awarded one more visitor before my walk was over.

Coming from the same direction as the Bobcat, this time I had a coyote cross my path. He was about 10 feet in front of me but our reaction was just the same as the Bobcat, we both just stopped and stared at each other.

After about 10 seconds he must have decided I was no threat to him either and he went loping off into the River just as the Bobcat did. The coyote did not have breakfast in his mouth. He was also beautiful although he had more brown in his coat than the Bobcat.

All in all, by the time I got back to my car I felt like I had been blessed to have had such a wonderful, magical, spiritual early morning walk. It is one I will always remember.

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