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The Magic Keeps Coming

Sunset Kingman AZPhoto Credit: Cheryl Larkin 2013

Life is still moving along and the magic keeps coming. Or maybe it was always there and I am just finally paying attention to it. Either way it is beautiful. This is a photo I took in Kingman, AZ this past summer.

We were up there visiting family and we had a great time. My sister and spent a lot of time sitting on the porch and just enjoying the scenery. They have a waterhole out back but we only saw a few animal and no bobcats, who did show up the night after we left. Maybe next time.

I am still plugging away on my spiritual quest. I have had quite a bit knowledge stuffed into my mind so I am just slowly letting it all sink in and doing my best to trust that when I need it it will be there.

I get confused at times but I have gotten pretty good at just letting it all go and not fixating on the confusion. I have learned that that really gets me nowhere.

I am meeting new people and trying new things and starting to build that foundation for a great tribe of like-minded individuals. That is something that has been missing in my life. I just haven’t been surrounded by people who have the same spiritual views of me and I am realizing that it is important to have such people around.

Even with the so called negative stuff going on in my life right now I have more positivity than I used to. I know big things are on the horizon for me and I just need to trust that it will all unfold as it should.

Learning to just trust has been one of the biggest things I have learned in the past year. What is written is written and as I turn turn the pages I will face whatever comes my way. I am enjoying myself more now than I have ever done so in the past.

With each turn of the page I am enjoying the magic that unfolds and am excited to see what comes next.

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