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Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I feel so blessed at this time in my life. A few short months ago I was not looking at things in a grateful way but all that has changed now. I am so thankful that it is never too late to start over.

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving hanging out with my family at my parents house. We played pictionary, my team kicked butt and won all three rounds we played. There was lots of conversation and a ton of laughter.

We had an interesting but very tasty Turducken instead of the traditional Turkey. A Turducken is a de-boned turkey stuffed with a de-boned duck which is stuffed with a de-boned chicken. It was rather interesting. Ours also had cajun sausage stuffing in it as well. I liked the three birds but the stuffing wasn’t too great.

Of course we all ate too much but it was a truly wonderful evening. I am so thankful for my family.

I have so much to be thankful for that I couldn’t even begin to list them all. I will say how thankful I am for all the struggles in my life because they brought me to where I am now and gave me the strength to act and make changes in my life.

I hope that everyone takes a moment to send all their thanks out into the universe. You just never know what might come back to you.

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