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Overwhelming Spirits

Last week I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible lower back pain. I was eventually able to go back to sleep but didn’t sleep well. When I awoke the next morning I still had the back pain. It was worse than any back pain I have ever had before.

I had a doctors appointment already scheduled for the following day so I decided to just grin and bear it until the next day. It was a miserable day and when I got home I was talking to Tawneey and she suggested I take a hot bath. Thant sounded like a terrific idea to me so I did just that.

I sunk into that wonderfully relaxing water and closed my eyes and let it all just wash away. I relaxed so much that I was unaware of the pain. I was so peaceful and warm. It was glorious.

Then I heard a faint voice trying to get my attention. I ignored it for a little bit but then it sounded like it was pleading. I opened my eyes but saw no one. I thought maybe I was hearing voices from outside but that wasn’t it. Then I heard the voice again.

If I didn’t know better I would have thought I was losing my mind, but this new path I am on is teaching me to be open to just about anything, so I decided to just go with it.

I began to really pay attention this time and before I knew it I was having a conversation with a spirit. This spirit was telling me some very specific things and asking for my help. I was pretty excited at this new development.

I tried to communicate as best I could and let the spirit know that I am totally new to this and she was very patient with me. Things were moving along very nicely and then I heard another voice, and then another, and then another. Before I knew it there were six voices clamoring for my attention.

They all began arguing with each other and yelling trying to get my attention. I was not very happy about this turn of events. My relaxing bath was turning into something that didn’t resemble relaxation at all.

My head was starting to hurt and I was starting to lose my control. One thing I learned from this experience is that I still need to do some work on how to deal with the surprises associated with this new path.

I tried politely explaining that I couldn’t hear or understand them all because they were yelling over each other. I tried telling them I was new to this. I tried a lot of things, but they just kept at it.

At this point I was getting angry. My head was still hurting and I was starting to get nauseous. I just wasn’t prepared for this kind of thing. I didn’t know what to do. Nothing I tried would get them to be quiet or go away. I was no longer being nice to them, but they didn’t seem to care. They were all too busy arguing with each other.

Eventually I crawled into bed to try to sleep but the constant noise and ache in my head just wouldn’t allow it. I was about at the end my rope when I finally just decided to stop fighting them. I just didn’t have the energy anymore so I gave in.

Within a few seconds of me giving in, everything went silent. I couldn’t believe it. I still have so much to learn about this new path I am on and this was a new lesson.

Don’t fight it. Allow it to happen and flow through you.

Of course earlier in the night I did email Giselle, who emailed back with terrific words of wisdom and advice. Sometimes I wonder if Giselle gets annoyed with basically having to tell me the same things over and over again. Breathe, relax with it, let it all flow.

As Giselle said, “We are living in some powerful times, where desires manifest almost instantly and where the veils are so thin and many souls are seeking help and peace. So, you asked and there it is!”

Just before this happened I had told Giselle that I wanted to learn how to enter the Spiritual Realm and be able to communicate with the Spirits. I guess I need to be more specific about my wants and desires.

While I want to be able to communicate with the Spirits, I want to do it on my time frame and in my own way. I never wanted to be bombarded without warning. I guess I need to learn how to properly deal with uninvited intrusions. I’m adding that to the long list of things I hope to learn from Giselle.

By the way, when I woke up the next morning, I did not have even a trace of back pain. I really feel the back pain was here just to get me into the bath so I could get relaxed enough to hear the spirits.

I guess the Universe believes I am ready even if I am not so sure about that. I am just trying to take this all in and learn what I can. I guess I need these experiences to show me what lessons I need to work on.

Looking back now I can say I am glad it happened exactly as it happened. If it had been a walk in the park then I wouldn’t know what it is that I need to work on.

I have not had anymore visitors since then, but I really think that in my normal day to day living I am just not allowing myself to be relaxed enough to hear. I am calling that a survival method for now. Someday, when I am wiser about all of this, these instinctive survival methods will no longer be needed but right now in the infancy stage of this new path, I am grateful to have them.

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