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New Paintings Listed At ETSY

Lemurian Seed Crystal Energy Painting
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin of a Painting I Painted

Well I finally faced my fear and got some paintings listed in my ETSY Store. I have added 10 new paintings and it is very exciting. Once I hit publish all the fear left and the excitement and joy set in.

I did a lot of research to see how to create listings and what I should charge for the painting and for shipping and what to put as my poilicies, etc and I think that research paid off. I am happy with what I have even though I know it will change as I grow.

One interesting thing I learned was that there are quite a few people who list Energy Art, so I am not alone in that. The art is all different and I think we all have different processes but it is nice to know that there is already a demand for such art.

I know that I will cotinue to grow in my process and my results and I am looking forward to the journey. Once I settled on being an Energy Artist things have just started to flow for me and I am loving it.

Now I just need to start promoting the store so I can start making those sales and helping others. I do believe that each paitning is meant for someone and the energy in it will help that person in a great way.

I am also working on other types of art which I will list as soon as I have them completed. Now that I have gotten over the hump of just getting started, I am excited to keep going and fill my store with all sorts of great items for eveyone.

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