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Plugging Along

Beautiful Tree Branches
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin

A week into 2017 and I am still plugging along. I have said earlier that I have been focusing on my art and I am doing the things that I am not fond of, like marketing and promotion and listing, etc. Even though I have no fun with it, is stick with it because in the long run it will help tremendously.

I try to still do the part I love, actually creating the art. Towards the end of 2016 I broke out a new easel and painted three paintings on it. It was a different experience for sure. Everything I painted before was painted lying flat on a table. The easel brought a new dimension to my art.

There are definitely new things learn about using the easel. It is a different way to paint with its own challenges but I am so happy with the paintings and I am looking forward to adjusting and learning more about how to create the best art while painting on the easel.

I have also created my first artist portfolio and have been working on updating my ETSY store. Next up is working on my Pinterest account and making sure all of my art is pinned there. These are more of the things I am not fond of but they are things that are building a foundation for success. And success is what I am after.

I ended up selling 17 paintings in 2016, which is more paintings than the previous two years combined, so I am making progress. I have already made one sale this year and I know many more are to come. It is an exciting time for me with my art and I am looking forward to the success that I know is awaiting me.

So, I will continue to plug along and see what awaits me.

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