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Four Productive Days Off

Spray Paint Cans
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin

Due to a holiday I had four days off this weekend and I am happy to say they have been productive. I was able to do some great work on my art as well as getting some things done that needed to be done in real life. And I certainly did nor feel rushed about any of it.

I was able to do some painting and completed three new paintings. I painted two on the easel and one lying flat and I used neon paints because I was really wanting to get some bold coloring. Plus I love the way neon paint mixes with the regular paint. It creates some fantastic texture in the artwork.

One of the paintings sold before it was even dry, which is wonderful, and the third time that has happened recently. I will get the other two paintings listed in the ETSY store next week. Right now they are drying. Once done drying I can take photographs and then create the listings.

Speaking of listings, I was also able to get new listings up in the ETSY store this week. I had a few paintings sitting here at home that I had created in the last month so I got caught up photographing them all and getting the listings created and finally getting them live on ETSY. So head on over and take a look at 7 new paintings and, who knows you might just find an older painting that speaks to you as well.

IAmMyWalkCreations On ETSY

I look forward to the time when I can work on my art full time. Not having to rush and being able to do what I want when I want sure is a great feeling. Thanks for your support.

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