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Life Is A Beautiful Ride

Beautiful Ride - River Photo
Photo by Me, Cheryl Larkin, edited to add quote.

I had been having a really rough time, accepting a job I really didn’t want that has me working in crappy conditions for way too low pay, but it was the only place that offered me a job, so I had to take it. This sent me into a big spiritual crisis for many reasons.

It has been a tough time, but then one day at work I heard the song Life Ain’t Always Beautiful by Gary Allan and it really touched me. I hadn’t heard that song in many many years but there it was playing just for me.

So I started looking at things a little differently, actively searching out the positives in my situation and figuring out how the negatives are actualy positives if I look at the in the right light. What a difference this has made for me.

I have stopped throwing a fit and being stubborn and have begun making the best of the situation. I have reprioritized my time when not at work so I can still get some painting done and promote my ETSY store. I am adapting to the story that I am in, and I feel much better about it all.

Working in a metal box with no electricity in the three digit temperatures in Arizona during the summer, is no picnic, but now every drop of sweat, and there are a lot of them, and every sore muscle, and every sprained wrist, and every sunburn, and every everything has a totally different meaning to me.

I can look at it all now as the beautiful ride that it truly is. This new vision has opened up other visions as well for me and the truth is I don’t think I would have seen the others if I wasn’t going through the misery of working where I work.

I have finally given in and stopped fighting and am accepting what the Universe has in store for me. I have grabbed on to my faith and am letting it lead whereever it leads. I am no longer looking for all the answers that make sense to me, and I am just accepting the answers as they come.

I have given up the illusion that I am in control, because I am not. And I have made peace with that. Whatever may come, I am ready for. After all, Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.

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