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Seeing Death Differently

Death from The Death Monologues
Giselle as ‘Death’ From The Death Monologues

Well I saw Giselle’s show The Death Monologues and I have to say I was surprised by how much it affected me. It was Stunning, intense, emotional, funny and brilliant. I loved it.

Death was so likeable but shared very profound words. IT is hard to truly describe fully what I felt and what I thought. I know that my views are changing about death. It is sinking in that death is not the enemy.

I saw the show twice and each time I got something a little different from it. There are times that affected the same during both shows but also times that were different. It was certainly and interesting ride and one I am so glad I took.

Giselle was great. She was so filled with emotion and did a fantastic job getting me to feel what the characters were saying. She has told me before that acting was her passion and where she was happiesst and after seeing her this past weekend, I have to say she was right. I thought she was glowing the entire weekend.

Giselle wants to add workshops for after the show and I think that is a marvelous idea. I know I would have loved to get together with others who had seen the play and discuss what we went through. ANd it is something you go through, it is not just something you watch.

There is so much in this show that can change your life. For me, I think it will take some time for the full effect of it to sink in. However, my most immediate change is thinking of Death as a friend and not an enemy.

Giselle is still preparing to take the show the the NYC Fringe Festival and was recently interviewd by Dr. Karen Wyatt of End Of Life University. The interview was fascinating and really helped bring more understanding to me.

You can find out more about helping Giselle get the show to NYC by visiting her website, DeathMonologues.com. ANd you can find the videos of the interview on You Tube.

I really think Giselle is well on her way to changing many lives and many views about Death and I am so thrilled for her. I know I am definitely starting to see Death differently than I did before.

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