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Emotions Are Not My Enemy

I am so blessed to constantly find some terrific, eye-opening, just what I needed, posts on Facebook. Here is another one from Facebook User Soulful Intentions – Food For Thought:

Emotions Are Not My Enemy
Emotions are not a weakness or enemy but a part of the cleansing process. Recognize their importance in your soul expansion by feeling them fully and then letting them go.

” Emotions are not our enemy, they give us clues as to what we need to work on and are assurance that progress is being made”

I absolutely have issues with this. For some reason as I began this new path and opened myself up to Spirit, I also apparently planted some silly notions about what it means to be Spiritually open.

One of them was that once you fully embrace the Spiritual way of life, then nothing will get to you. It was basically my way of thinking that emotions make me weak, and if I am feeling them then I must not be as far along on the path as I thought.

Typing this right now I know how absurd that is, but knowing it in my head is totally different than accepting it in my heart. Or maybe it isn’t. The truth is I really don’t know at this moment.

What I do know is that when something negative gets to me I make it worse by then getting mad that I am having these feelings. So I fight the emotions because I don’t want to be having them because in my head it makes me feel unworthy.

I know that I should just sit back and let the emotions flow freely through me and as Giselle says, enjoy the ride in all it’s pain, misery and glory. I am just not there yet. With little things I am ok, but with something huge, I have a hard time seeing the glory and enjoying the pain and misery.

I also get really frustrated (another emotion) at how confused (emotion again) I seem to be at times. That of course then gets me angry (more emotions) and before I know it I am just a total wreck. I know all of this, I can see all of this, but I have yet to figure out how to handle this all better.

Then something like the Facebook post above will come into my life and give me a bit of a breather on beating myself up. Sometimes it just takes hearing it in the words that are right for me. It isn’t a fix all but it sure helps me know that I am not alone and that there is hope.

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