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Embracing The Crazy

Embrace Crazy
Photo By Cheryl Larkin

It is no shocker that this past year has been quite a ride for me. I have had lots of ups and downs and have grown a lot and gone through a lot. Throughout the year there were many times that I thought I was just plain going crazy and that really bogged me down and messed with me.

Each time though I came out of it and realized I had learned something very important. It has taken me quite a bit of time but I have finally come to the conclusion that things will be much easier and flow much smoother for me if I just simply embrace the crazy.

I used to think it was such a terrible thing but the truth is that it is an absolute blast. If I just don’t fight it and just let it run its course, I still get the message or learn the lesson I am meant to learn, but I have much more fun and joy in the process.

In the past month and half I have been going through a bit of another crazy stage and for whatever reason I didn’t really fight it. I argued a little with it but mostly I just let it run on through me and do what it needed to do and I have had so much fun.

Life will always continue to throw shit at me and I have finally learned to just face it all head on and laugh at it. I have been having the best experiences since I came to this realization. I am getting to really know myself and parts of me that have been buried for years are finally seeing the light.

You know that beginning stage when you just meet someone and you are slowly peeling away the layers and getting to them, well that is where I am at but the person I am meeting is myself, and I am loving every minute of it.

I am coming out of my shell and facing the world as the flawed, passionate, emotional, stubborn, uninhibited, crazy ass woman that I am meant to be and it is one hell of a ride that I am thrilled to be taking.

I look forward to seeing what new things I can learn about myself and I know no matter what I learn, I will enjoy every moment of it. Embracing the Crazy sure is fantastically fun.

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