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Photo by me, Cheryl Larkin

This is part of me working at sharing my thoughts more even when I do not really know what I want to share. Work the last few days has been brutal. It has been very hot and also humid which is not something I am used to. It has also been bery physical. Lots of heavy lifting and moving around a bunch of furniture.

The thing about work being brutal and draining me and whiping me out is that it does not allow for much thinking. I mean, sure I think about people and things but I do not have the time or the energy to dwell on things. For me, dwelling n stuff has always been an issue, but I have gotten much better in the last few years.

I think the hard work and the sweating that come with working in a metal container in summer in Tucson is actually a good thing for me. I feel like I am getting cleansed. Cleansed of what, I am not totally sure but it is kind of like detoxing. Simply ridding my body of that which no longer serves me.

I am beginning to feel lighter and also starting to see things a little more clearly. Or maybe not clearly, but the gunk is getting washed out and what is coming into the light, are the things I really should be focusing on and dealing with.

Part of getting drawn into the trap of existing, at least for me, is getting cluttered in my mind and my heart and my body. These last few days of work have really helped with clearing that clutter. There is still some clutter left, but I do still have 2 more days to work before my days off, so there is time to rid myself of that remaining clutter.

One moment at a time…

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