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Coincidences? Maybe Not – Part 2

This is a continuation of a previous post so you might want to go back and read Coincidences? Maybe Not – Part 1 if you haven’t read it already.

I need to backtrack a little here just to say that I had a trip planned to Laughlin for my birthday with my twin sister and I had to cancel that when I was laid off. We had planned to go to Laughlin on September 25th and return on September 29th.

Now I am back from my trip to Sedona with Diana and my sister and I have decided we would still hang out for our birthday, even though we had to cancel our trip to Laughlin. We talked about getting a hotel here in town or just hanging out at my house for the weekend after our birthday. Our birthday is September 26th so we were thinking the weekend of the 28th would be a good time for us to hang out.

As I stated in an earlier post, I had been emailing Giselle about a Private Shamanic Retreat that she does. She told me about it and then said September 29th would be a perfect time for it because of the moon that night.

I really wanted to do this but I didn’t have much time to come up with the money plus that was the weekend my sister and I had planned to hang out for our birthday. I was really torn. My sister and I always spend our birthday weekend together and I couldn’t imagine going against our tradition.

Then my sister had some long running issues with doctors and her health all of sudden gain momentum and it turned out she could finally have the surgery that she had been needing for a while. They scheduled it for a little before our birthday and she would take a while to recover. She wasn’t sure how she would be feeling the weekend we planned to hang out, so she told me that I should go do the retreat.

Once I made the decision to go things just seemed to roll along and I was able to go. My sister spent the tail end of her recovery hanging out at my house. I am grateful she was okay with me going to the retreat instead of hanging out for our birthday. I thought it was pretty fitting for me to do a Spiritual Rebirth the weekend I was planning on celebrating my actual birth day.

Did you catch all the so called coincidences? Many will stand by their belief that everything is just a coincidence and none of it really had any bearing on whether I did this retreat or not and that is fine. For me, I disagree, and I believe it all lined up so I could make the decision to go and then actually go.

If I hadn’t been laid off I would have been in Laughlin that weekend.

If Diana had accepted me canceling our trip to Sedona because I had been laid off…well I wouldn’t have been there.

IF Diana and I had stayed true to our plans for Saturday we would have been in Mystical Bazaar on Saturday when Giselle wasn’t working.

Assuming I still went to Sedona and we still went to Mystical Bazaar on Sunday, if we had stayed with our plans I would have gotten an Aura Photo.

If Giselle didn’t have her website url as her email signature I might not have known that she did the retreat.

If my boss didn’t offer me my job back I would not have had the money to go on the retreat.

IF my boss hadn’t agreed to letting me start on Monday I would have had to take the job and miss out on the trip to Sedona with Diana.

If my sister didn’t have things work out for her to have her surgery we would have been doing our birthday thing that weekend.

That is just a small list of all the if’s. There were a ton of ifs that happened in the years leading up to this one and without all of those I would have not been in the right emotional and spiritual state to actually notice any of the stuff I just posted about.

When I look back now I can see that things had been leading me to this moment for years. Some are obvious, some are not and some are just surprising, like the part Xena The Warrior Princess played in all of this, but that is for another post.

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