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Coincidences? Maybe Not – Part 1

I know you have probably heard the saying, there are no such things as coincidences, a million times. Most people just say oh yea you are so right and then move along their day not even realizing what they are not seeing.

I never paid much attention to those things. Things would happen and I would move on. I never put thought into whether this thing led to this thing or not. It just didn’t matter to me. Well, it matters now.

I have to say that once you open your eyes to these things it is hard not to see them. It is also a glorious thing to view. It is like little bread crumbs being laid at your feet and you just have to be wise enough to pick them up.

I had many such things line up for me to eventually make the decision to go see Giselle and follow through with that decision. Eventually I just had to admit that I was meant to get my ass up there. I could no longer ignore the signs.

I am sure there were probably signs and so called coincidences for many years but I didn’t notice those so I am just going to share those that started just before I went up to see Giselle.

It started with planning my yearly trip with Diana. Things were working out so she would be down here in Tucson so we decided to go even farther south. I spent time looking for places south of Tucson and finally found a few. We were looking forward to it. Then something happened on her end so she would not be able to come down here. So we decided to go to Sedona instead, which is closer to her but still in between us.

We made plans and I made the hotel reservations and I was so excited about being able to go up there and see Diana. (We don’t get to see each very often so I really look forward to our yearly get-together. There is nothing like good times with your best friend)

Then I got laid off from my job. I told Diana I would most likely not be able to make it and she told me no way. She told me to get my ass up there and she would take care of the rest. (I have an awesome best friend)

The Monday before I was to leave my old boss call and offered me my job back. It seemed things had picked up quicker than he thought they would. He wanted to me start again that Wednesday. I told him I had plans to go out of town that weekend so I wouldn’t be able to work Thursday or Friday. Lucky for me, he agreed to that.

After everything I had been going through I was so looking forward to seeing Diana and I didn’t want to give that up. I had been far to depressed since I lost my job and I needed a pick-me-up. I had been searching for a job for a month with no luck so I was beyond thrilled when my old boss called, but I still needed that trip. I am grateful it worked out so I could have the job and the trip.

Already things were working out to put me where I needed to be, not that I recognized any of it for what it really was. I just knew I was happy to be going, and go I did.

Jumping ahead to Friday night and we were hanging out at the hotel talking about what we wanted to do that weekend. I had seen a cute little shop that intrigued me called Mystical Bazaar while driving through Sedona so I told Diana I wanted to go there. Then we saw an ad for it in a paper that we had and it said they did Aura Photos and I thought that would be totally cool, so Diana and I decided we would go there on Saturday to get photos. We also decided we wanted to try to find a nice place to hike and we found one in the paper so we decided we would hike in the morning and go to the store after that.

We slept in and took our time getting moving Saturday morning and then we went to find the place to hike and had trouble finding it. We ended up stopping at a visitors bureau and realized we should probably choose a different place so we did and then left the store to head out to it. It was almost noon by this time so as we passed some little diners we decided to have lunch first.

Well with lunch we decided to have a beer and the one I got was huge. About half way through the meal I told Diana I did not want to go hiking anymore and instead wanted to go hang out at the beachy area next to Oak Creek that our hotel had. She thought that sounded great so that is what we did. We hung out there talking, relaxing and drinking for the rest of the day. Needless to say we did not make it to Mystical Bazaar that day so we decided we would stop in on our way out of town the next day. The rest of the night was spent with more drinking, talking and watching a movie.

The next morning on our way out of town we did indeed stop at the store. We walked in and I could instantly feel so much energy in there. We took off in our own directions to do the browsing thing.

As I headed back to the book area I noticed a beautiful and mysterious woman sitting in the middle of the store. I didn’t pay much more attention than that and went about my browsing. At one point Diana came over to me and we talked about how intense the energy in the store was. It was at this time that Diana told me she thought I should get a reading instead of Aura Photo. We talked a lot about it and Diana said she would pay for me to get one and eventually I gave in and went to ask about a reading.

Giselle, who was the woman sitting in the middle of the store, was now at the register area so I asked her about the readings because I didn’t want a traditional psychic reading. She explained that she did Sacred Stone Readings and gave details about what that was. It sounded just like the type of thing I was looking for. Diana was all for it and said for me to do it and take as long as I needed.

And that is how I came to meet Giselle, which of course was the start to the actual movement phase of this path I am now walking. Later I would find out that Giselle did not work in the store on Saturday so if we had gone when we first planned, we would not have met Giselle.

Have you noticed all the so called “coincidences” yet. Go on to read Coincidences? Maybe Not – Part 2 and I will tell you about some more.

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