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Your Story Matters

You never know just how your story will impact another person so don’t be shy about sharing it. Starting this blog and putting my thoughts and feelings out there for anyone to see was not an easy thing for me.

I love to talk and share stuff about myself, now, but in the past I was very quiet about myself unless you were one of my closest friends. I have certainly opened up in the past year and now I will share my story with perfect strangers.

Truthfully I think I do it for myself. I don’t know why but I believe it is a freeing experience for me. Maybe by voicing my story to others it helps me not get bogged down in it. Maybe it is the higher me controlling it all and opening me up on that chance that the right person will hear my story at the right time that they need to.

Since I began this blog I have noticed that I am opening up more in person with other people. Run into me on the street and you just might hear all about my life. It seems I just have no control to hide it all anymore.

It is my story and I think it is pretty interesting and I am no longer afraid of sharing it or worrying about what people will think of me. I also find that sharing it all out loud with another person helps me process a lot of it. I do know that it is therapeutic for me so it is highly unlikely that I will revert back to the quiet one.

So don’t be shy about sharing. Even the smallest thing from your story could inspire or help someone else. You may never know what it is or when your story has helped but rest assured that at some point it will. Be open and enjoy the freedom of laying it all out there. And be happy that in someway at sometime you will make an impact on someone who needed it. Go for it.

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