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Paint On My Hands

Painting called Freddy
Photo By me, Cheryl Larkin of Painting I Painted

Paint on my hands makes me happy.

This morning I took a long hot bath and the shower and got myself all clean. Then I watched a couple of very intense and emotional episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Cried my eyes out and had to remind myself to breathe but I love shows that make me do that.

Then I decided to go outside and do some painting. I was actually pretty careful but there is no way to paint with spray paint like I do without getting it on my hands unless I wear gloves, which I was not doing today.

I finished my painting and looked at my hands and just smiled. IT is like my hands were meant to have paint on them. They are meant to be colorful and abstract. I have a job interview tomorrow and I will be going with paint on my hands. Getting spray paint off is not the easiest of things.

Paint on my hands makes me happy.

The photo I included here is of a painting I did the other day. The crystal I used was Sunstone and I was thinking of personal power. My sister fell in love with this painting and it is now hanging on her wall. Her reaction is what I look for, one of my paintngs to really resonate with someone where they can tell the story of what it means to them

Paint on my hands makes me happy.

There are many reasons why I should wear gloves but I do not think I will ever wear them regularly. I just enjoy the paint on my hands too much. I love the whole process of painting. I completely let go, release, and live in the moment, allowing energy and spirit to guide me and it is a glorious feeling. No matter what else is going on with me, I will continue painting and enjoying every minute of it.

Paint on my hands makes me happy.

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