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Feeling Lighter

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Well a lot has sure happened in the last month for me. I lost my job as did my daughters boyfriend so in one swell swoop our household lost all of its income. I could totally be freaking out, but I am not. I am taking it one day at a time and trusting that the Universe has my back and all will work out as it should.

In order to get some money we decided to have a yard sale. Yard sales are a lot of work, especially in the 110 to 115 degree heat we have been having, but we all pitched in and did it. IN truth, it was actually kind of exhilarating to me. One of the best things to come from it, aside from the money we earned, was realizing how much decluttering went on to prepare.

Most of the stuff came from the shed but I still feel lighter. What is really great is when I decided to keep a pair of chairs that did not sell at the sale. That decision has snowballed into something really great for me. I want to put them in my bedroom at the foot of the bed where I used to keep the tv and computer. I decided earlier this year to get rid of the tv and then my computer died so no real big loss right now.

Once I looked at what I had and what I wanted to do lots of things started coming up. I have to clean the foot of the bed which is a disater area, I have to get rid of the computer desk, I have to clean and move the bookcase. I decided the bookcase would move to the living room, which means I need to clean and move the dvd cases that are there which led me to realize I need to clean and rearrange my storage area in my kitchen, which includes moving the hutch into my room which means I need to celan a space for it there…..You get the drift.

So what these two chairs are doing is inspiring me to clean and declutter and rearrange multiple room and areas in my house and that is a terific thing. I am doing it all little pieces at a time but that is okay. I am working hard to leave sentimentality out of it so I am actually getting rid of quite a few things. I am realizing that decluttering is actually a great thing.

As I get rid of more and more things, I feel lighter and my mind feels less cluttered as well. Sometimes you just never know what is going to give you that spark to make a change in your life. I am so grateful that those two chairs did not sell, because I am getting such a huge gift in return for deciding to keep them.

I am excited to see and feel everything once it is all done.

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