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The Post It Note

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Well this one sure is a biggie for me. I have a feeling the aswer to this question would change depeding on where I am at when I read it. It is certainly something I could ponder though, even though I won’t.

I suppose right now, for where I am at currently, my post-it note would say “Just Breathe”.

I am realizing the importance of a good conscious breath. It can take away all your troubles, all your worries, all of everything and just put you in a wonderful, peaceful, relaxed state and give you the power to face whatever is coming your way.

How two simple words can carry so much power for me is still a mystery, but it is a mystery I am not trying to solve. I don’t really care to have it solved, I am perfectly happy to just accept and trust it.

I do find that more and more when I am struggling with something or when I can tell that emotions are taking over, I close my eyes and take that beautiful slow conscious breath and I can feel the release throughout my entire being.

For me it is a very profound moment.

So my advice is really to not think to hard about the answer. Trust your instincts and trust what comes first to your mind.

What would your Post-it Note say?

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