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Dear Past Self & the Past Itself

Below is a post from Facebook Friend: 12 Steps To Self Empowerment. When I read these words they truly touched me. I am not quite ready to write a letter like this myself, but I am getting close and once I am ready I will wrtie that letter with gratitude and love.

Dear Past Self & the Past Itself,

We need to speak and talk about the role you played. I’m grateful that you existed because you came to protect me at a time when I was afraid, unsure and without direction. Fear was my parent, keeping me safe, preventing me from hurting and from possible failure.

But I’ve grown up now, and I need to leave you. It’s not that I don’t appreciate you and the role that you played – in fact all I can feel at this present moment is love and gratitude for always putting me first to do what you thought was required.

I can say that I love you, I thank you and I now release you to weave back into universal energy and transform into positive and proactive love to serve whoever needs you. You are good, your intention was good.

I let you go now to create a space. You see, I have this vision and it’s been with me since birth, but it was only in my imaginings until quite recently. But it’s now left my dream state and become my reality. I can reach it, taste it, see it and have it. It’s mine!

I’ve emerged as me; my light, my heart and my soul, and guess what? It’s not scary; it’s not scary at all!

I can breathe now, I feel like I’m home. I’ve aligned myself back into the energy of my soul.

I now turn to face my light. There is a golden path to walk. I’m on my own but surrounded by unseen support as another soul is free to journey on their purposeful path.

Home is purpose, home is love and home is living unafraid.

So be it.
♥ Me.

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