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Uncertainty and Certainty

Well I just got home from Giselle’s and I am worn out. It was an extra long weekend for me and boy was it filled with mind-exploding shit. There was also a good amount of pure fun.

As suspected, the retreat was nothing like I could have ever imagined, or exactly as I imagined. It depends on your perspective, I guess. It was confusing and crystal clear at the same time.

There is a lot that needs to work its way through me and until it does I am completely uncertain about where I go from here.

I am uncertain about what is going to happen to this blog. There is a shift coming and I don’t know what that shift is going to mean for IAmMyWalk.com.

I am certain that Thursday’s Thoughts will be a casualty of the shift. I think the last one Was the Last One.

Most of all I am certain that however the story unfolds, it will be Perfect!

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