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Thursday’s Thoughts – 3/21/2013

This has actually been a very relaxing and enjoyable week for me. Even though things have happened that would maybe make you think it should have been a terrible week, it truly wasn’t. Here are my thoughts for today.

Well, I did indeed get laid off from my job. They called me Sunday evening and told me. I was prepared for it but even still it was a bit scary and it did take a while for me to let the negative feelings flow through me.

I have tried not to make a big deal out of it. I am just accepting it and doing what I can to move on. I did email Giselle and I have to share what she replied with, because it is brilliant.

And Congratulations on getting laid off. Isn’t it great when those things we can’t stand in our lives just effortlessly fall away making room for more joyful abundant opportunities? It’ll all work out perfectly…

This reply made me laugh and made me feel better about the entire situation. And it did not annoy me or piss me off in any way which must mean I am getting better at accepting these bumps in the road.

I have truly enjoyed this week, sleeping in, hanging out with Blythe and doing things that I enjoy doing and that make me happy. I have not allowed stress to enter into my space and it has been wonderful.

On kind of the same note, or at least in the same song, I attended an online seminar tonight about Abundance Blocks. It was fascinating, it was emotional, and it was eye-opening.

Of course this was just a teaser to get me to purchase an entire program but I knew that going in and I figured I would take the chance to see what terrific tidbits were included in this free seminar.

Abundance Blocks, in short, are subconscious barriers that have been planted in my energy fields throughout life. These blocks can come from parents, friends, society, government, movies, books, mentors, etc..

Part of the seminar was a group energy clearing of a few blocks and this was the part was really emotional and eye-opening for me. Doing this exercise was wonderful and I think it helped me figure out one of my biggest blocks towards abundance the way I want it.

I did feel better after the clearing, lighter, and more clear headed regarding money, abundance and how it all fits into my life. I was all set to purchase the program but it was more expensive than I had hoped, but I was still ready to do it.

Before clicking on that order button, I took a moment to meditate and ask Spirit and the Universe for guidance. I asked if I was meant to buy this program and if I needed this program. The very strong, emphatic answer I got was No. I was told that I have the power to clear these blocks without the program and now that I have become consciously aware of them, I can work at it on my own.

Even though I didn’t purchase the entire program, the seminar was totally worth attending, and I know I am on the right path towards the type of abundance I want, and I deserve.

Today Blythe and I did some cleaning on the junk room that we are turning into a living room for her. We got all the stuff out of it. It was an interesting cleaning and we came across a few things that brought back memories.

My nephew is working on a mural for one of the walls. It is really cool. The room is filled with paint and painting supplies so it is not totally cleaned out, but now that is all that is in there.

It is interesting to watch an artist work. It craks me up at times. He will do something that I think is great but he will hate it and paint right over it. By the time he is done there will be a lot of paint on that wall. Blythe is happy about it all though so that is what really matters.

My nephew has been taking pictures of it as he goes along so once it is done I will put up some pictures of start to finish. It has certainly been quite an experience for all of us so far. I can’t wait until it is done.

Thanks for reading. Peace, and have a terrific weekend.

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