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The Grand Sextile

Grand Sextile
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July 29, 2013 is the 4th anniversary of my divorce. It has been a tough 4 years for me but I finally feel like I am moving forward and can even be grateful to my ex for filing for divorce.

I would have been content to spend the rest of my life with him but what I realize now is that I deserve more than content. So now I can thank him for divorcing me which allowed me to open up to The Truth and to finally head towards absolute happiness.

I find it symbolic that on this day we are also experiencing a rare planetary alignment called the Grand Sextile. This Grand Sextile creates what is commonly known as a “Star of David”. There are seven planets involved with this alignment and they are all in “feminine” (earth or water) signs, emphasizing stability, gentleness, love and harmony.

This is not only a day of freedom and release for me indivually but also for Earth and all humans. This is a rebalancing for our entire culture, Heaven and Earth as one. This is an opportunity for all to open up to the opportunity of peace and love. It opens a portal of energy that is available to all who choose to tune into it.

According to AstroStyle.com there are specific jobs for each planet in the Grand Sextile and also certain tendencies based on your Zodiac Sign.

The Planetary Players

Every planet in this Grand Sextile has a job. Here’s what each one will be contributing to this cosmic kumbaya moment:

Moon—in Taurus
Being present and in the moment. Pleasure. Being in our bodies. Experiencing the sensual aspects of being human. Building.

Mars and Jupiter—in Cancer
Expanding our definition of home and family. We are all family. Looking out for each other. Expressing our passion and vision with heart.

Venus—in Virgo
Constructive criticism in the spirit of service. Helping each other become better people, and doing so with kindness. Creative problem-solving. We’re on the same team/we’re all in this together. Purifying our intentions.

Saturn—in Scorpio
Wise use of our emotional and financial resources; thoughtfully merging our energy with someone else’s so that everyone becomes stronger as a result

Pluto—in Capricorn
Transforming our approach to power, government, hierarchy. Becoming aware of the karma on earth for everything that we build or put into tangible form. Expressing power consciously. Rethinking our power structures. Overturning dictators, oppressive rulership.

Neptune—in Pisces
Healing, compassion, people becoming open to Law of Attraction and oneness consciousness. Recognizing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and that our separateness is an illusion. As within, so without.

The Grand Sextile and Your Zodiac Sign

How will the Grand Sextile soften your sign’s tougher tendencies? Here’s how you can incorporate new energetic ease into your current way of being:

Aries: Calm your hotheaded and impulsive M.O. and pause before you react. Look before leaping.

Taurus: Shift from resisting change to thoughtfully considering a whole new outlook.

Transmute scattered energy into focusing on a couple key goals. Stay present. Breathe.

Bypass your insecurity and take a chance. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Leo: Look past the drama of the immediate situation and discover the greater plan.

Virgo: Break out of “analysis paralysis” and perfectionism. Put yourself out there, even if you don’t feel “ready.”

Libra: Release the need for approval. Make a decision, and be empowered by living with its consequences, good or bad.

Lower your mask and let people see the man/woman behind the mystery.

Rather than bite off more than you can chew, practice committing fully to one dream at a time. Be where you are.

Live in the moment, rather than turning everything into a ten-year plan or worrying about the outcome.

Breathe through the awkwardness of intimacy and allow yourself to truly connect with people, one on one.

Snap out of the illusion of victimhood. Click those ruby slippers. You had the power all along!

This is a magical alignment which opens up opportumities for all. IT is a terrific day to start something new and to see the positive in the past. Take a moment, tune in, and enjoy the magic that it brings.

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