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A Magical Morning

Magical Light
Photo By Cheryl Larkin

This morning I had a very magical walk. I went about a hour earlier than usual becuase my neice was not coming with me so I didn’t need to wait until after taking her son to school. I simply took my daughter and headed off to do my walk alone.

It was cold, at least for me, I could see my breath and my face and my ears were getting that stinging feeling. There was hardly anyone around, 2 other cars at the parking lot and then I was a mile and a half into my walk before I saw another person.
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New Year Cleanse

Photo By Cheryl Larkin

I woke up New Years day with a Sinus Head Cold and I started my period. Great way to start the new year, right? Actually I do think it was a great way to start. I guess it is all about my way of thinking.

Instead of getting mad or frustrated I chose to think of it all as a gift. A wonderful way to cleanse myself so I could move forward in this new year, fresh and clear and new.
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GoodBye 2013 Hello 2014

Happy New Year
Photo by Cheryl Larkin

There are only a few hours left of 2013 and I have to say I am not afraid to let this past year go. It has been a bumpy ride for me, but I sure have grown a lot with every bump.

There is a lot I could reflect on and probably will from time to time, but really I want to keep what I learned in my heart and just let all the rest go.
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I Love Arizona Sunsets

Tucson Sunset

Well I just had to share these photos that I took the other night. I was sitting down eating dinner when I noticed a beautiful glow through my back door window. It was so fantastic that I just had to get up, grab the camera and go outside to take some pictures.
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