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Admit, Accept, Trust

Admit Picture
Photo By Cheryl Larkin of IAmMyWalk.com

It has been brought to my attention that there are some things about me that I need to admit and accept and then trust. I was having a chat with a friend of mine who happens to be psychic/channeler and at one point during our chat the Spirits interjected with some words of wisdom for me.
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Forgive Others For Yourself

Photo taken by Cheryl Larkin

The only way to learn forgiveness
Is to experience betrayal and then
choose to open your heart anyways.
– Lissa Rankin, M.D.

I came across this quote one day and it really resonated with me and touched me. I have been going through a struggle to forgive lately. I didn’t want to forgive this person because I felt he didn’t deserve my forgiveness.
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The Magic Keeps Coming

Sunset Kingman AZPhoto Credit: Cheryl Larkin 2013

Life is still moving along and the magic keeps coming. Or maybe it was always there and I am just finally paying attention to it. Either way it is beautiful. This is a photo I took in Kingman, AZ this past summer.
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Impossible Possibilities

Oh my what a terrific saying.

I keep trying to get myself to remember this whenever I am feeling overwhelmed and thinking something is impossible. It is the baby steps that will eventually get me to where I am heading and not the giant leaps that I would rather take. I have to keep reminding myself of that.
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Crazy Town

I guess it is hard to say where the Truth leads for each individual but for me it seems to be leading right into crazy town or it has already gotten me there.

I know many people say that any kind of spiritual awakening can be a very tough thing to go through and there is a fine line between awakening and brainwashing. I am on that line right now.

My friends and family are all in agreement that since my last retreat I have spiraled right into crazy town. The scary thing for me and I suppose everyone else, is that I don’t see it. They can show me examples of the craziness and I still don’t see it.
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