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Beginnings – Part 1

As I sit here trying to write this first post of my new blog I find myself struggling with where to start. So much has happened to me in the last month but the truth is my entire life was leading up to where I am now.

About 10 years ago I had what many would call an invitation to the shamanic way of life. I didn’t recognize it and spent those 10 years not truly being happy and feeling off balance, both literally and figuratively.

Those were hard times. Living with an illness doctors couldn’t diagnose and even having one doctor say I was faking it all just for attention. For 7 months I could barely function. I fell into a serious depression.

The crazy thing about it all was that spiritually I was more open than I had ever allowed myself to be. Poems just poured forth. I had a past life memory, the only one I have ever had. I guess I just couldn’t block it anymore.
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