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Magical and Peaceful – Video

Posted originally on Huffington Post by
Hunter Stuart (Hunter@huffingtonpost.com).

In San Francisco, the fog can be a depressing presence. But as time-lapse photographer Simon Christen shows, fog can also be heavenly to behold — when viewed through the right lens.
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Advice From A River – Photo

Advice From River

Photo of The Verde River.

Advice From A River:

Go with the flow
Immerse yourself in Nature
Slow down and meander
Go around the obstacles
Be thoughtful of those downstream
Stay current
The beauty is in the journey
– Ilan Shamir

Stop, Drop, and Roll

I overslept yesterday morning by 10 minutes and started freaking out. I was worried about getting to work later than usual. I would not be late to work as I usually get there 30 minutes early because I take my daughter to school. So I was freaking out over nothing.

I kept thinking about my general routine that I go through when I get to work and worrying that I wouldn’t be able to do it all before clocking in. I could feel my blood running faster and in my head I was running faster trying to make up those damn 10 minutes.

What all this made me realize is that I need to let go of routines and just go with the flow. When I finally got to work I stepped out back, and took a moment to breathe and slow myself down. I thought about how enjoyable those 10 extra minutes of sleep were.
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Cat Moon – Photo

Just had to share this magnificent photo. It is truly beautiful. I am sorry I do not know who took it. Again, I swiped this from Facebook Friend Hippie Peace Freaks.

The feelings I get when looking at this photo are so strong. I just feel so majestic and mystical. I can almost hear the slight breeze moving the clouds and the acceptance from the cat as the branches reach out to caress the moon.

It is, as Giselle would say, just lovely.

Cat Moon Photo

7 Wonders Of The World – Photo

A Facebook Friend (Hippie Peace Freaks) posted this picture on my Facebook and I just fell in love with it. I love the actual photo but I truly Love the words. I do not know who took the photo or added the words but I am grateful that they did.

These are things that so many of us take for granted, myself included, and this picture reminded me to truly think about what is important in life and my way of thinking is changing because of it.


7 Wonders Of The World