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Birthday Weekend 2014

Me and My Sister
Photo Taken By My Niece of Me and My Sister in 2010

Well, our birthday weekend is officially over but boy did we have a wonderful time. I am so lucky to always have someone to spend my birthday with. My sister and I always have a great time together and this weekend was no different.
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Finding The Fun

Find the Fun Photo Credit = YanLev at Shuterstock

I have been going through a lot of changes lately and coming to many new conclusions about me and my life. It is all so interesting and exciting and some stuff is kind of shocking to me but I love it all.

One of the biggest changes is seeing the fun in everything, even the so called negative things. I am having so many terrific experiences simply by getting out of bed each day. Whenever I think of anything now I can’t help but think what a great experience it would be to have no matter what it is.
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