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I absolutely Love doing custom energy paintings. You pick the size, the colors, even the crystal(s) you would like me to use or we can let my intuition, spirit guides and energy guide us. First we will talk about who the painting is for so I can get an idea of who they are and then you can let me know if there is any specific energy you would like to share with them. We can do this consultation over the phone, via email, via messaging or in person.

Pricing: Varies Dependng On Size Of Painting – Payment is due upon ordering the custom painting. Payment can be PayPal or Cash in Person, or if you are an ETSY User I will create a private listing for you and your order and you can then pay via ETSY Direct Checkout.

Please visit my Contact Page to request a custom painting or send me any questions you might have.

I call this Radar Reading because it is a fun way to explain that I follow my intuition and spirit guides and energy. You can choose one of the following four services or we can let the energy, guides and intuition lead us. It is possible for multiple services to be combined into one session to get you just what you are needing.

Spiritual Counceling – You talk, I listen and share stories and advice to help guide you forward. Can be done in person, over the phone, via email, or via messaging. I am an Ordained Minister.

Reiki Session – Reiki is a wonderful energy treatment designed to help awaken your own internal helaing abilities. Can be done in person or distantly. I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. More About Reiki

Access Consciousness┬« Bars – A wonderful energy modality designed to help you rid yourself of programed ways of thinking, feeling and believing which helps life come to you with ease and joy. Only done in person. I am a Certified Access Consciousnes┬« Bars Practitioner. More About Access Consciousness┬« Bars

Crystal Healing – Using the powerful energy of crystals to help you in many different ways and for many different reasons. Crystals could possibly come into play with any of the above services as well. Only done in person. I have spent many years learning about and loving Crystals and their energy.

Pricing: $60 per hour – I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to help see what it is you are looking for and if we would be a good match. In Person Payment is due at time of session via cash or PayPal, otherwise payment is due upon scheduling the session and is via PayPal.

Please visit my Contact Page to schedule a session or send me any questions you might have.

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