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My First Painting

My First Painting
Photo Credit = Cheryl Larkin

So this is what I did today, out of the blue, got a wild hair up my butt to try something I have never done before. I gathered up sticks, leaves, twigs, rocks and whatnot from around my property.

Then I used my new Lemurian Seed Crystal that I got at Spirits Child Metaphysical Store to infuse all of my supplies and myself with creative energy.

Then I sray painted the canvas black and then gathered up a handful of the whatnot and blew positive energy into it all the while thinking of my sister because I knew this was going to be for her.

Then I just threw what was in my hands down on the canvas, grabbed some colored spray paint and just painted. Finally I lifted the canvas and knocked all the whatnot off of it and told my sister to come take a look.

After looking at it in all directions she decided what she wanted to be the bottom and then walked away but turned around again and immediately changed her mind as she saw an elephant in the picture.

The elephant is orange with a black eye and his trunk hangs down to the bottom of the picture. My nephew says it looks like the elephant is getting ready to walk behind a tree. My daughter saw a seahorse and my niece saw a side view of the Jokers face.

I had so much fun making it and fun hearing what everyone saw in it. Gonna definitely do more and the great thing is they will all be one of a kind.

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