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Love Affair With The Clouds

Photo by Me, Cheryl Larkin

Lately it has seemed the sky has been giving me some fantastic eye candy. I do not know why but I have fallen in love with the clouds and seem to be having quite the love affair with them.

There is something about the colors in the sky and the depth of the clouds that has simply mesmorized me. I find myself getting lost in their beauty. They all seem so vivid to me. The clouds at times seem so close that I an almost touch them.

There is a definite sense of peace involved with this love affair. The sky and the clouds have been pouring peace and love right into me. IT really is a fantastic feeling and I am so grateful for whatever has brought these lovelies into my life.

More Clouds
Photo by Me, Cheryl Larkin

It is almost like I can sense other worlds trying to communicate with me through the clouds. They are majestic and mysterious and so stunning to me.

I have always appreated the sky and the clouds but something has definitely changed in me lately and the love and appreciation has gone into overdrive, and I am loving it.

I have never had them seem so crisp and clear and reachable before. It does make me want to just jump into them and roll right around in them.

This is definitely the most enjoyable love affair I have ever had and I sure hope it continues.

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