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IAmMyWalk Creations On Facebook

One of my paintings infront of of screen shot of Criminal Minds episode it was on.
Photo By Me, Cheryl Larkin

Well I finally did it. I created an Artist Facebook Page for my art. It is called IAmMyWalk Creations By Cheryl Larkin. You can also search @iammywalk to find it on Facebook.

It was actually a scary and tough thing for me to do but I faced that fear and did. It will focus on my art and my process and whatever else inspires me to create.

I am just getting started with it but I do already have a few posts of there. Learning to post regularly to it as well as my other social media is what I really need to work on now.

I am stepping up my focus on my art and truly utilizing social media is one of the biggest things I am doing.

Be sure to check out all my social media accounts, I am IAmMyWalk at Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, as well as Facebook.

I will continue to take steps at chasing my dreams. I thank you for your support.

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