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Flirt With The Universe

Flirt baby, Flirt!

Well tomorrow is my 44th birthday and starting tonight my sister and I are beginning our celebration. We are planning a Twilight Movie Marathon since neither of us have seen all the movies. A casino trip is on the schedule too.

Mostly we will laugh and talk and laugh and have fun and laugh some more. Laughing is usually our biggest activity when we are together. We get pretty weird at times but that is part of our charm.

My sister is much better at flirting with people than I am but in this past year I have certainly gotten pretty darn good at flirting with the Universe. I know we will both do some flirting with the Universe this weekend.

Socrates The Sock Monkey
We are also going to do some good flirting with Socrates The Sock Monkey and he is going to love it. Socrates is a present my sister got from her best friend and he is adorable. He is about 3 feet tall and has quite a personality. We were cracking up with him last night.

We have both been writing a daily gratitude post over at bubblews and that has really opened up the flirting with the Universe for both of us. It is amazing how much your vision changes when you are grateful every day, even for the so called negative things.

So I will get out there and dance in the moonlight and wink at the sun and give love nudges to Mother Earth and be grateful for all that has been, is and will be given and shared with me.

So take a moment for yourself and Flirt With The Universe. IT will bring a smile to your face and love to your heart.

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