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Beginnings – Part 2

This is a continuation of Beginnings – Part 1, so you may want to read that post first.

When I got home and was talking to my sister, Tina, about the reading I mentioned how it would be terrific if I could spend some one on one time with Giselle. There was so much that I wanted to ask her and I knew she could help me make sense of everything I was going through. I also thought it would be great if she could be there with me for my spiritual rebirth.

I was unsure how to even go about this rebirth ceremony that Giselle had talked about. I didn’t want to do it alone but I also didn’t really want anyone that was close to me to be there for it. I’m not sure why that was, but I think I wanted no real reminders of who I was or of my past when I went to do this.

I was still reeling from all that I had been going through, all the crying I had been doing for such a long time and all that I had learned from my Sacred Stone Reading. This truly “feeling” stuff was not easy. I know Giselle had said it was a glorious thing but it was getting to me. I felt like I was losing my mind, or myself and in essence I guess I was. I decided to stop fighting it all and just go with the flow and let it all just wash through me.

Let me back track a little here. Shortly before I went up to Sedona to spend the weekend with Diana, I had been laid off from my job. I thought I would have to put off the trip but Diana was having none of that. She told me to get my butt up there and she would take care of everything else. I don’t know if Diana will ever truly know how grateful I am for her not letting me cancel and for her big part in getting me to get that reading with Giselle. This is just one part of all the things that lined up for me to be where I needed to be at the time I needed to be there. Done back tracking for now. 🙂

Then I got an email from Giselle, checking to see how I was doing. In her signature at the bottom of the email she had a website listed so I decided to go check it out. Right there in the menu was a link for a Private Shamanic Retreat. Of course I clicked on that link and tears started falling as I read and found out that it was basically just what I had been telling my sister that I had wanted.

It was quite a struggle, especially financially, and it took some more of those coincidences for everything to align up, but align it all did and I decided I had to go and do this. So off I went back up north to face the beginning of the rest of my life. I had no idea what to expect or what was going to transpire but I was ready and willing for it.

I could have never imagined just how much of a transformation one weekend could create but boy did this particular weekend change everything for me. What I learned from Giselle and what I went through completely shifted everything in me.

It truly was a weekend that changed my life for the better.

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