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Beginnings – Part 1

As I sit here trying to write this first post of my new blog I find myself struggling with where to start. So much has happened to me in the last month but the truth is my entire life was leading up to where I am now.

About 10 years ago I had what many would call an invitation to the shamanic way of life. I didn’t recognize it and spent those 10 years not truly being happy and feeling off balance, both literally and figuratively.

Those were hard times. Living with an illness doctors couldn’t diagnose and even having one doctor say I was faking it all just for attention. For 7 months I could barely function. I fell into a serious depression.

The crazy thing about it all was that spiritually I was more open than I had ever allowed myself to be. Poems just poured forth. I had a past life memory, the only one I have ever had. I guess I just couldn’t block it anymore.

I was finally diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease. I had no clue what that was and neither did most people. So I did some research and learned all I could about it and how I could live with it since there was no cure.

The problem was that once I had it under control I just went back to my normal ways of blocking the true, spiritual me. Like I said, I didn’t recognize the invitation for what it was so I just went back to my old way of life, and I thought I was happy with that.

It took my husband divorcing me for me to wake up to what I needed to do. Actually it was more about the emotional toll the divorce took on me. I was a wreck, to say the least. For 3 years I barely lived. I had emotions just pouring out of me and I didn’t quite know how to deal with them all. I did things that were totally out of character for me. It was a very trying, emotional, tough 3 years.

Then I met Giselle. I have to say that everything I had gone through and everything I had done was preparing me to accept Giselle when she entered my life. There she was, a beautiful, mysterious woman sitting in a mystical shop in Sedona, AZ. With a little prodding and a good chunk of change from my best friend, Diana, I agreed to let Giselle do a Sacred Stone Reading for me.

The Reading was quite an eye opener for me. This was the first time I got see just how good Giselle really was at putting things into words that resonated with me. So much came from that reading but one of the most important thing was Giselle encouraging me to continue, “Feeling”.

She said my life was in total chaos but I was still centered and doing what I needed to do. I was allowing myself to truly “feel”. She told me that was a glorious thing and for the first time I had a different view of what was happening to me.

One of the big things Giselle said to me was that I was going through a spiritual rebirth and that I should embrace that. She gave me tips on a symbolic way to complete the rebirth.

I left that reading with a lot running through my brain. It is funny how my recollection of it differs from the real thing. When I listened to the recording of it, there were some things that I remembered differently, but none of it was the important things. It gave me a lot to think about.

I remember telling Diana about it on the drive back home and I noted one big thing. There was something about Giselle that I couldn’t quite figure out. I noticed during the reading and the time we talked afterwards before Diana and I left, that I could not look her in the eyes. Eventually I would come to understand why that was, but that is for another post.

Read the post Beginnings – Part 2 to find out what happened after the Reading.

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